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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."

For our Mastermind, dreams are much more than that which happens to us when we go to sleep at night. They're much more than ideas which we believe realistically could never happen. Dreams are what keep us alive, our purpose to wake up each day and grind on.

We live on the idea of making our reality even better than our dreams.

Our dreams are both professional and personal, and we don't only have one dream, we have several.

Cue our Bucket List:


✅ Move to Los Angeles to continue pursuing acting

✅ Learn a reggaeton song on the harp

✅ Skydive

- Travel to Bora bora

- Travel to Hawaii

- Purchase an electric harp


✅ Ride an ostrich

✅ Grow out dreads

✅ Skydive

- Go hunting in Hawaii

- Snowboard in Chamonix, France

- Safari in Africa


✅ Float in the Dead Sea

✅ Visit Machu Picchu

✅ Skydive

- Stand on the North Pole

- Trek Nepal

- Spend a month doing a volunteer program abroad


✅ Eat in Peru

✅ Launch an app with 100k downloads

✅ Skydive

- Travel to Beirut

- Travel to Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia

- Road trip around the USA


✅ Study abroad in Italy

✅ Motorcycle through Vietnam

✅ Skydive

- Travel to Sahara dessert

- Swim with humpback whales 🐋 in Tonga

- Travel to Hawaii


✅ Study abroad in China

✅ Roadtrip across France

✅ Skydive

- Travel to Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

- 4-wheeling in the forest and mountains of Hawaii

- Flyboard Air

Check back in the near future for an updated list of completed bucket list items, plus new goals !!


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