“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”

-Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Meet the Mastermind

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

-Jim Rohn


Name: Rarri

Superpower: Hibernating Bear 

Strengths: Bundle of love, motherly, optimistic, high energy, harp master, caring, hardworking

Achilles heel: Gets overwhelmed easily 


Name: Princess Peeps aka The Neanderthal

Superpower: Ability to keep it cool at all times

Strengths: The Fun Drunk, balanced, resourceful, action-taker, palas que sea

Achilles heel: Gossip / Can’t grow a solid beard.

Based on his Achilles heel, he clearly doesn’t posses loads of clear weaknesses. A resourceful entrepreneur who always seems to keep his cool no matter the circumstance - like leaving his iPhone on a bus in Vietnam, or saving his boat from sinking in the bay of Miami Beach. Balanced between adventurer and Buddha status, Peeps is always “pa las que sea.”


Name: Vane

Super power: Manifuckingfestor

Strengths: Driven, visionary, alchemist, lots of empathy, spiritual guide, spiritual gangster, impulsive, abundant, intuitive.

Achilles heel: Starts too many projects

The full-time instigator and part-time spiritual guide of our #mastermind. Depending on the mood she'll either guide us all into a deep meditative state or into a deep 'prendo' (LIT) state — either way, we like it. Her sass level is off the charts and so is her manifestation powers. She's a creator and alchemist who uses her intuition to guide her in bringing her purpose to the world — to serve others through marketing, social media, and mindfulness.


Name: Pacho

Superpower: Unbreakable faith

Strengths: Introverted, a man of few words, quiet, analytical AF, funny, deep thinker, visionary, wild card, unpredictable, follar king, a man of faith, ask great questions.

Achilles heel: Overthinker

The introverted wildcard of the Mastermind. Being a man of few words, the gang actually doesn’t really know him and what goes on in his over-analytical mind. He is a visionary and places all his trust in the Lord. A fantastic listener that always asks the best questions during our Mastermind Meetings and "crack talks". Has great game with the ladies which has earned him the nickname: Follar King.


Name: Malayz

Superpower: Jack of all Trades

Strengths: Adventurous, curious, competitive, ambivert, magnetizing, grammar nazi, ride or die, a little bit reckless, stays cool under pressure,


Achilles Heel: Stubborn AF

The ride or die of the group. Always seems to hop on a plane when the gang calls on her to do so. She’s the self-designated Accountant of our #Mastermind group trips. As a grammar-nazi, she's also a personal Copyrighter for every Masterminder in the gang. We don't know how she does it but she always manages to stays c o o l even when shit hits the fan. Her talents don't just end there, with the voice of an angel, a wicked talent for acting and natural dance moves  — she's here to shine like a true star. www.chloemalaise.com


Name: G

Superpower: Merging the left and right brain Strengths: Disciplined, minimalist, stoic AF, low key wild, intelligent, hopeless romantic, loves his family.

Achilles Heel: Women

The greatest thing to happen to the earth and our Mastermind. Shames us every Monthly Mastermind Meeting by the simple act of always completing his habits. As a Crypto Degenerate, he is the Financial Advisor of our Mastermind. Taught himself how to code and is now living a semi-nomadic lifestyle making apps.

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